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As everyone knows, Facebook is trending all over the world and when facebook was launched, facebook did not have as many users as it is today but still it was spreading fast because of its popularity and now every household uses facebook.

There are many reasons to use Facebook like:

  • Someone or many people like to interact with different people that’s why they use facebook.
  • Someone or many people like to introduce themselves or tell about their personal things on social media platforms through uploading photos, videos, thoughts on facebook timeline or facebook stories.
  • Someone or many people are active on facebook because they promote their business product on a daily basis if they are a business overall they use for their commercial purpose.

So, everyone has a different purpose to use facebook because facebook now has a lot of different advantages, features with their old to latest version.

But today I am writing this blog to tell you about how to create a group on facebook. Along with many features of facebook, this is also a unique feature but Still many people don’t know how we can create a group on facebook. It’s not a hard thing, it’s very easy to do and quickly process so every user of facebook should know about this feature especially who runs their business on facebook. From this, businessmen create their business group in which they can add their business friends to promote their commercial products very easily.

Benefits of create a group on facebook

There are a lot of benefits if we create a group on facebook whether for personal use or commercial purpose.

  • You can chat with your many friends at once and make group video calls.
  • Business men can promote their products or items through photos, videos to their business friends in facebook groups.
  • You can create any kind of group whether it is school friends, college friends or office colleagues.

So let’s discuss today’s motive to tell you how to create a group on facebook.

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Steps to create a group on facebook

We can only create a group when we are already users of facebook because you have to login first.

Under menu page

  • Go to the home page of facebook.
  • Then you will see the menu icon of 3 horizontal lines on the top corner side.Click on it.
  • Under the menu page,you will see the option of groups.

Under group page

  • Click on the (+create) option  then you have to be ready to create a group.

Create a group

  • First, you have to think about your group name and give a name under the Name column.
  • You have to add a cover photo of your group from your gallery and you can also take a new photo.
  • After that, you have to choose what type of privacy  you want whether it is public or private.
  • Now you will also have another option of Hide groups. In it, you will have two options and you have to choose from visible and hidden. 

Optional invite members

Under the more options, you will see the option of Inviting members in which facebook will recommend adding 5-10 friends at one time to get started a group.Then you can click on create group option This is an optional process. 

After doing all these above things, your group will be ready.

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