How to merge two facebook accounts
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Most of people want to know how to merge two Facebook accounts. But we will say that no one can merge accounts but they can merge only information from their previous account to your new account. So today we are going to discuss the same topic “How to merge two Facebook accounts.”

There are many such situations sometimes when we have to merge accounts such as when we want to create a new Facebook account and transfer all the information of the old account to the new account because the information is necessary and important. By the way, it is very difficult to manage more than one account so that we can add an account to our Facebook page in which we can add an admin who manages our account very smoothly.

Now you can think what kind of information we can transfer so we tell you that your photos, videos, someone comment on your photos and anything else.

Let’s discuss combining two facebook accounts in a simple way.

Steps of merge two facebook accounts

Re-Add friends

After merging facebook accounts, we lost our friends who are connected with us on facebook. So in that situation what can we do? So we can re add our friends to our new facebook account by contacting them or by follow some steps:

  • First, login to my Facebook page.
  • Go to the menu page after clicking on the icon of three horizontal lines on the top corner of the right side.
  • Go to the settings under setting and privacy.
  • After scroll down , you will see the option of Media and contacts.
  • You will reach the general page after clicking on media and contacts.
  • Under the general, you will see the option of continuous contact upload. On it.

After doing this procedure, you can get your lost friends in your new facebook account after uploading contacts from your phone to facebook. 

Download your data

If you want to collect your backup file from old facebook account so you must download your information from facebook after follow some steps:

  • Login facebook page.
  • Under settings, after scroll down, you will see the option of your facebook information.
  • You will get the option to download your information under the facebook information section and with this option you can easily download your Facebook information and save in your device.
  • After clicking on download your information, under the data range you will get the option “ All of my data”.
  • Then you can choose a format and media quality whatever you want. Then continue.

You can also rejoin your group which is in your old account and you can transfer timelines photos or videos to your new Facebook account. For this, you can follow below-discussed steps or methods.

  • After login Facebook page, go to the settings.
  • After that go to the Facebook information section
  • Under your Facebook information, you will see the option of Transfer a copy of your photos or videos (where you can easily transfer your photos or videos to another service). Click on it.
  • After that, you have to re-enter your password and click on continue.

Still, we would say that we can’t merge Facebook accounts, we only merge information of accounts into one Facebook account.

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