6 Important features of Facebook

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6 Important features of Facebook

In this era, every person is a social media user. every person is using the social media platform for their different purpose or activities. And for different activities, social media has a different platform. where you can be famous, you can run a small startup, you can connect with new peoples, you can share your daily updates. but there is a social media platform where you can have all these features. that plate form is Facebook. features of Facebook have different from other platforms. you can do a different kind of activity on this platform. and also if you are thinking of a startup this is the platform where you can start.

What kind of features facebook contains and is worth it for you

If we are talking about the features of Facebook so there is a lot of features contains like facebook has its own messenger where you can chat with different peoples and you can chat in groups with your best friends and colleagues and facebook has a live feature from this feature you can go live and show your audience where you are and you can also do live shoes on this feature. and facebook has a different feature which we called Facebook page on this page you can share your talent, for example, you can share some information about something, you can share pictures of beautiful places if you are a traveler, and there is a lot of activities which you can do on your Facebook page. And there are some other features which are important for you:

List of features of Facebook which is very useful on your daily basis activity

  1. Facebook business: If you are thinking about a new startup or if you already have a business. And you want to grow your business. Facebook business is the best option that helps you grow. Here you can run your business through the online platform. Whereas if you are a beginner in the business field you can learn a lot of knowledge through this platform that how can you run a business and other things. If you run a business on this platform it is very beneficial for you you can spread your business through connecting with new peoples and And tell them how can you run a business.
  2. Facebook page: If you are a person who loves to teach and Spread your knowledge so here is the platform where you can Do these types of activities. For example: If you are a traveler you can share pictures of different beautiful places like hills and mountains. If you are a businessman You can create a page for your business Where you can show your product to the Facebook community. And you can convince them to buy your product.
  3. Facebook Groups: Some person who has a big friend circle. which most of the group like to live in. so Facebook has a feature for you people where you can chat with your group at the same time and you can chat with them through video and audio call. If you people have an office meeting you can also create a room where all the employees can talk to each other and complete your meeting here.
  4. Facebook lite: So if you are facing issues like Facebook opening slow on your phone, your phone is going hang while using Facebook for this type of issues Facebook launches a new feature for this issue. That application is Facebook lite. firstly this app runs on all smartphones and multimedia phones. It runs on all the smartphones very smoothly and it does not hang your phone while using it. whereas on Facebook lite you can see only useable features. Whereas Facebook has all the features you on the Facebook website.
  5. Facebook apps and messengers: Besides all the features Facebook has its own apps first we called facebook App and second, we called Facebook lite app. The Facebook app works well in good ram and processor smartphones whereas the Facebook lite app works on all phones with multimedia. They work well on all the phones. and the Facebook lite app is a data-saving app. You can save your mobile data more than the Facebook app. As like this facebook has different messengers for both apps. Facebook has a Messenger app whereas facebook lite has the messenger lite app both work a little bit the same but messenger lite saves your mobile data more than the messenger app.
  6. Like, comment and share: So if you are using Facebook. Would you know that you can post your pictures in two different ways? You can post your picture in your profile whereas you can post a picture for a certain time on your story. By posting on these two paths you can be famous. through getting likes, comments, and sharing your profile.

Here is the information about the features of Facebook. hope you understand the features of Facebook and how they work. and the difference of the feature that which is very important for you. and apart from this, there are other features which are used in your everyday life as the news feed and stories, etc.

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