How To Create A Facebook Business Account?

How To Create A Facebook Business Account
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How To Create A Facebook Business Account?

You can use Facebook not only for personal use but also for business purposes and many people also take full benefits of this. Most of the business firms use Facebook for advertisement purposes, as you know that millions of people globally connect to Facebook and here advertisement done easily and required less cost. Through Facebook, effectiveness would be increased so much. It also holds privacy in such a way that no people can ruin your personal information without your permission. But there are still many people who don’t know how to use Facebook for business purposes and how to create their account without involving personal accounts in this. But you should know that to create a Business Facebook Account, first you have to login to your personal account but don’t panic this does not disclose your personal information. If you want to know How To Create A Facebook Business Account? Then read the complete post by reading this post you can easily create your Facebook business account.

How To Create A Facebook Business Account?

Steps To Create A Business Account In Facebook:

To create a Business Facebook Account, you must login your personal account. In case you don’t have a personal account so you have to create first. The process to create a Personal account and Business account is similar. It is very easy process, you can easily create your business account by following some steps:

Sign Up  Your Personal Account

By the way, everyone’s personal account is definitely on Facebook because people of today’s generation are active on social media platforms. With these platforms, you can communicate to others. If you want to start your Business Facebook Account so you have to sign up for a personal account if you don’t have a personal account and in other case if you have already an account so you don’t want to create.

Sign Up Business Facebook Account From Personal Facebook Account

So if you are a user of facebook and you are running your account for personal purposes to stay connected with friends and others and if you want to make a business facebook account, so you must login personal account. As I said, you can create a Business Facebook Account from your Personal Account only. It doesn’t leak your personal information, does not show in the business account.Both accounts are served separately.

  • First you will open your “Personal Facebook Account”.
  • Then, you will see the icon( three arrows) in the corner of the top on the home page and click on it.
  • Under the menu page, you will see many features of facebook and only one of them will have a “page” option.
  • On the pages, you will see the “+create” option. Click on it.
  • After clicking on it, it will be an option of “Get Started”. Clicking on it.

Create a page where you can communicate with different peoples to promote your business or brand of your organisation.

Make A Name Of Your Business Page

Now you have to give the name of your business because the page will ask you to give a brand name by which you will promote your business brand. It is important to give a name so that people can recognize you, know about your business and brands.

Add A category Of Your Business

Whenever you search on facebook for someone or product so you have to enter their name or product on the category page (such as personal blog, product or service, health or beauty) so in the same way you also have to choose the category of your business so that people can find you very easily. After that, they will ask you for a website link related to your page if you have.Then you have to give some information regarding what kind of people do you want to interact and What should be the location.

Add Image

Picture or profile makes a lot of impression when you promote something on social media so you also have to add a perfect image of your business or brands of your organization but it must be related to your business.

Then your account will be ready after following these steps.Then you have to do some formalities after creating a page of Business accounts.  

Description Of Your Page

To promote your business, you have to write a short description of your business like what type of your business or brands are available etc. which gives little information to the people.

Then you have to do some other formalities like update your phone number, email id etc

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