How To Secure Facebook Account?

How To Secure Your Facebook Account
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How To Secure Facebook Account?

If you are a user of Facebook and you use facebook for different purposes such as commercial purpose, personal use etc. It is said that when you use something, you should also take care of it. To secure your Facebook account like this, you have to take care of it. Along with taking Facebook’s advantages, they must also be secure. Still many people only use the features and functions of facebook, they don’t know how to keep them safe. So in this blog we will discuss how to secure your Facebook account. 

Hacking Facebook account is the biggest reason to keep Facebook accounts secure and there are many more reasons due to which you should keep your Facebook account secure and the other reasons are that as you all know that you use Facebook for personal as well as business which contains more information and data such as photos, videos, information related your business and your ID password of your account. There are two ways to solve this: You can follow the steps to secure your Facebook account provided by Facebook and second, you can take support from Facebook Customer service. Because Facebook also tells us how you will tackle this problem.

Methods to keep secure facebook account

You have to keep your facebook account secure for a long time. It’s not that today someone has hacked your account information so that you can create another Facebook account. No, this is not the right thing, you have to provide security at the time of creating a new account.

There are several methods with which you can save your Facebook account permanently.

Built your password strong

Whenever you create a facebook account from any device such as mobile or laptop etc. You just focus on whether your password is that strong or not? Because the hacker is able to access the Facebook account so he/she assumes the password. That’s why every user always built a powerful password that no hacker could capture easily. In simple words, passwords should be unique. You can also use apps (such as Xbox, Spotify) to make unique passwords without the support of two-factor authentication .

Keep secure your password, never share with anyone

You should not share your password with anyone, especially with strangers. You should never use the same password on other social platforms. You don’t need to add any personal information like phone numbers, Common names. You should always create your facebook account with another name.

Always hide login information

You should never tell anyone your login information. Whenever you create a Facebook account at the time of signing it, you are asked many questions and you have to complete many formalities. So this information should always be kept hydrated.

Always log out  facebook account

Not everyone uses facebook all the time. So when you don’t use facebook, then you always have to log it out so that no one can log in to your Facebook account. This will keep your data secure and safe.

Not other one logged his account in your Facebook

You just make sure that no other person logged their Facebook account in your Facebook account because this gives you the chance to have your information leaked. Suppose if your friend will login his account into your facebook and his account is not secure because of not proper security so it increases the chances of your account being hacked. So that’s why everyone should always open their account on their own facebook app.

 Generate login alerts

You just generate login alerts because this way is also the best way to secure your Facebook account because with the help of this you will get all the notifications of your facebook account like who has logged in your account without your notice. You can generate a login alerts by following  little steps:

  • Go to the menu.
  • Go to the settings under the settings and privacy.
  • Then you will see the “security and login” option under the security.
  • Then you will receive the many options to login alert.

From this you can improve the security of your Facebook account when someone tries to log into your account from an unknown device or browser. After knowing this, you will be able to reset your password under “recommended”.

Two- factor authentication

You can use two factor authentication. Under this, facebook will ask for a code if they notice that someone login your Facebook account from an unknown device. And then you can use apps such as google authenticator or Duo mobile to generate a verification code for more protection and you can also use text messages to receive verification code. Phone number is used for two factor authentication. You can’t reset your password when two factor authentication is on.

Get help from Facebook supporters

First, you should know more about the features to secure your Facebook account. If you notice some wrong activities happening in your Facebook account and or you know that someone has hacked your Facebook account, you can directly interact with Facebook supporters. Then you have to send a message to them to recover your hacked Facebook account.

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