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There are many alternative of facebook but still Facebook is a first choice and it is posiable due it’s amazing features & functions which enhancing reguralley by facebook techinical team. But still few from us need expert advice or sugestions to manage their daily actuvities. If you want to to talk with experts to manage your daily activities or routine work, then you can dial Facebook customer service number mentioned above and talk with experts of floatingcraft. They will assist you how you can manage any facebook activity or how to fix common FB probllems.

Floatingcraft is 24/7 or 365-day waiting for your call, and Floatingcraft has a team of technical professionals or experts who is day and night working for the help of users or customers, so for any kind of Facebook help from anywhere in the USA, immediately contact our Facebook experts and get a quick answer to every query. For more information about functions of facebook & its features and know about our customer service read complet article.

facebook customer service

Features of Facebook

The popularity of Facebook totally depends on their features which are mind-blowing. Facebook has lots of features which are used by every user daily. Some of the features are also used to improve business presence online. Here we have listed some of the basic and popular features of Facebook is used by people all over the world.

Basic Features of Facebook

Facebook contains lots of features which are used by billions of people every day. Some Basic Features of the Facebook list are given below. Check it out:

  • Facebook has features of creating a facebook page after login, receiving updates from friends, chat, Notification and messages.
  • There is also a timeline feature which arranges information, content, and images year wise and updated it.
  • Users can contact their loved by sending a friend request and also sending a message request to others to communicate personally.
  • Facebook also has a feature of like, share and comment which allows users to respond to others images and content.

Other Features of Facebook

Facebook has lots of features which are not used by most of the users in their daily life. Here is the list of those features which we skip every day:

  • Users can reveal their current location with their friends by using the places app of Facebook.
  • Facebook Notes feature of FB allows users to tag their friends with their text and images.
  • Users can also upload video files on their wall up to 1080 pixels.
  • Facebook Paper app allows iPhone users to scroll the content of Facebook in presentation order.
  • There are also some other popular features of Facebook like Facebook live,, Facebook Credits, Facebook Graph Search, Listen with friends, Mood Faces, poke, etc.

Frequent Facebook Issues and Its Solutions

Forget facebook password

How To Recover Facebook Account If forgotten Facebook password

If anyone forgot their Facebook password then they can login into their Facebook Account. They have to recover their password or account by using their associated email and mobile number. To Recover Facebook Password you can follow given below steps:

  • Go to Facebook Page.
  • Now, Click on Forgotten Account.
  • After that, Enter your associated Email address or Phone Number with your account and then Click on Search.
  • Now, Choose an Account Reset option.
  • Then, Go to your associated Gmail account and Verify security Code.
  • Enter the Code in the given box and Click on Continue.
  • Now, Type your New Facebook Password and Type the Password Again.
  • Then, Click on Continue.

How to Change Facebook Account password

Sometimes it happened that users need to change their Facebook password because they have doubts to steal or guessing their passwords. To change Facebook Account password you can follow given below steps:

  • Go to Facebook Page.
  • Then Go to Settings option and then Click on Account Setting
  • Now, Click on Security and Login and then Click on Edit of Change Password
  • After that Enter your Current Password
  • And then Enter a New Password.
  • Click on Save Changes.
Change facebook password
facebook hacked account

How To recover Hacked Facebook Account

Most of the user has a query of hacking of their account by an unknown person. If it also happened with your then you can recover it back by following these steps:

  • Visit this link https://www.facebook.com/hacked
  • Now, Click on “Your account has been Compromised”.
  • Then Enter your associated email, phone no., username & full name.
  • Click on Search.
  • Now Enter your password which you used to login before the hacking of your account.
  • Then you will be redirected to Reset Password Page.
  • Now Click on reset my password button.
  • After that, Click on no longer have access to these options.
  • Now, write an email address on which you want to send reset account link.
  • Then, follow the next steps and you can get the recovery of your account within 24 hours.

How to Recover Facebook Account if you are temporarily blocked from using Facebook.

Facebook only blocks that person from using Facebook who has violated or breach some rules and regulations of Facebook. Any Person who is doing any unusual activity from their account they will be blocked from Facebook. To recover any blocked facebook account you have to provide your Photo ID proof such as Voter ID, Passport, Driving License. Follow the below given steps to get back your account and change facebook password when you temporarily blocked from Facebook.

  • Go to Facebook Log In Page.

  • Now, Enter your Username and Password

  • Click on login.

  • Then, Facebook displays a message that We want to make sure that your account is secure on the screen.

  • After that, Facebook asks to upload your personal picture.

  • Now, Click on Continue

  • Then, Upload your personal picture and click on Continue.

Note: This Uploaded picture will never show on facebook account so you don’t have to worry about it.

upload facebook picture
  • Then, Facebook shows a Message on the screen that“We’ll send an update once we’ve reviewed your photo till you won’t able to use Facebook”.

upload facebook photo
  • After That, Click on OK button. After 24 hours you will get back to your Facebook account.

How to Delete old Facebook account if I have forgotten Facebook password?

You can recover your facebook account by using many ways if you forgot your password such as via phone, email, with the help of friends and security questions.

To delete old facebook account of which you have forgotten password, firstly you have to reset the password of your old account. And then you can perform deletion of your Facebook account. We have already discussed above to reset Facebook password. Now, Follow the below-given steps to delete your facebook account.

  • Go to Facebook login page

  • Now, Enter your username and password

  • Click on the login button.

  • Now, Click on drop-down arrow

facebook settings
  • Then, Click on settings.

facebook information
  • Then click on Your Facebook Information on left-hand side

  • Then, Click on Delete your account and information.

delet facebook account
  • After that Download your information.

  • And Click on Delete Account

What to do if your Facebook Page was hacked or taken over by someone else.

Facebook page only accessed by the admin of the page. If you notice that some unusual activity has happened on your facebook page or any unknown person post an update on your page it means your Facebook page has been taken over by someone else.

Facebook page is only accessed by some facebook account which means you facebook account has been hacked by someone else. Go through below given steps to recover Hacked Facebook account.

  1. If you don’t have access to your phone number then use your email address.
  • Now, Click on Search.
  • After that, Enter the password in “Current or Old Password” text field.
  • Then, Click on Continue button.
  • Now, Choose from these below given Options.
  1. I’ve found a post, message or event that I didn’t create
  2. Someone else using my account without my permission
  3. I find out an account which uses my name or photos
  4. People can see things that I thought were private
  5. I can’t see the right option in this list
  • Then, To Secure your Account Click on Get Started.
  • Facebook takes time to analyze your posts, messages, and activities and then start processing to secure your account.
  • Then, Facebook asks to update and change your critical information.
  • Update those information and secure it.

Perks/Benefits of Calling Facebook Phone Number

As we all know that most of the people are on Facebook in this era. And using any kind of app or social media like Facebook, there are lots of glitches or issues are occurred. These issues are timeline issues, privacy issues, security issues, login issues and account settings, etc. It feels irritating when facing these kinds of issues while using Facebook.

In this condition, Users want a Facebook technical support service from Facebook officials. They can contact Facebook technical support by dialing our toll-free Facebook Contact Number. Here we have listed some Benefits of Calling Facebook Customer Care Number.

facebook customer service
  • These Facebook customer support service will be provided by our team of certified professionals who are trained to resolve Facebook-related issues. They provide you the quickest and effective solution within a short span of time.
  • We guarantee the complete security and privacy of your data and credentials. Solution of the problems will be provided by checking on several levels before taking it to effect.
  • Facebook phone number is available and accessible 24×7. So, users can contact our team of experts without worrying about time.
  • Guarantee complete customer satisfaction which includes regular feedback sessions that make you protected from issues and errors when using Facebook.
  • Provide another method or options to reach our Facebook Tech Support Team. rather than dialing toll-free Facebook Tech Support Phone Number, users can contact our experts via email or online chat.
  • Offer solution of all the issues in your budget. So you don’t have to worry about the rates and fees.

To remove the hassles of issues and error of Facebook, Dail our Facebook Support Phone Number. Our Facebook Customer Service Support team are ready to listen to your queries 24*7.


Facebook naver announce any phone number for the help of usres, if you have any query then you can leave a message in facebook help community otherwise you can try indipident contact number or contact indipided social mediamanagement agency.

Peopels can contact facebook support through help community or help pages, but they respond to these mediums slowely, for quick answer you can try indipident mediums.

A facebook help community is a most common utility to resolve all kind of common probllems , in FB community you can ask your query or read previousely answred answers.

A facebook help community is a most common utility to resolve all kind of common probllems , in FB community you can ask your query or read previousely answred answers.

You can chat facebook by visiting facebook business page, but at a few movement it is a time taking process. To get instant help you can try Facebook phone number +1-877-702-0838 , this is a fastest medium to get hep of facebook.

Go to the fb.com login to your ccount just after that click on help center search for a contact facebook, then click on contact and here and thenn fill the form and click on submit, but for instant support contact number is best choice.

How to Approach Facebook Official Support

As a leading social media, Facebook has lots of traffic. Due to so much traffic, its support services are not able to fulfill the support needs of users which has become a common problem. So users can contact Third Party Facebook Customer Support providers which offer instant support.

Facebook Phone Number and Official Help Number

Users can reach to Facebook officials support but they have to wait for their turn as facebook contains too much traffic every day and lots of errors have occurred on daily basis. Facebook Official only have Facebook headquarters’ phone number which provides Technical Support for Facebook.

Facebook Help Community

By using Facebook Help Community users can get solutions to their issues with the help of Facebook experts. You can ask your question and Facebook experts replies to your question or you can also take help from previous questions and answers.

Official Facebook Website

You can contact Facebook by Facebook helpline page which provides solutions to various common problems such as:

  • Using Facebook
  • Managing your account
  • Privacy and Safety
  • Policies and reporting

Facebook Headquarters Mailing Address

Facebook has not revealed any kind of Facebook Headquarters Mailing Address but some of the resources update the official Facebook mailing address on their sources. Users can send mail letters to the Facebook Headquarters related to concerns, queries, and feedback on the services on:

Facebook Corporate Office

1601 S. California Ave.

Palo Alto, CA 94304

Why our Efficient Third Party Facebook Customer Service are Better

We have a Third Party Facebook Customer Support Service which provides help to our users and clients related to every Facebook technical issues and errors. Now, we will let you know the features of our Efficient Third Party Facebook Customer Support Service and also you will get to know why you have to contact our toll-free Facebook phone number.

  • Our team of Facebook professionals is highly qualified and seasoned which provides solutions to every Facebook issue.
  • We have a dedicated team which respond immediately to customer inquiries.
  • Our Facebook team of experts are ready to help you 24×7.
  • We provide solutions to all the login problems.
  • Fix facebook page loading issues immediately.
  • Hacked Facebook Account will be recovered with a guarantee.
  • Provide solutions to all the messaging and sharing related problems.
  • Also, resolve issues related to Facebook app problems.
  • Comprehensive and prompt solutions to all Facebook password recovery issues.
  • Managing and customizing Facebook account settings by skilled professionals.
  • We are offering Solutions to all the privacy settings.

How facebook help and support team help us to secure our account

  • Help us to apply all possible security methods
  • Help us to make a strong password
  • help us to enable 2 step verification
  • Assist how users can protect their account and data
  • help to recover hacked or compromised account
  • Help to manage privacy or security settings of post, page, or images
  • Assist users on how they can get login alerts

How do I contact Facebook customer service by phone number

After reading this post if you want to contact indipident facebook customer service team, then you can call on above discussed phone number which is completly tollfre. Floatingcraft have a team of facebook customer service profestionals who can help you in managing your every facebook issues or probllems. With the help of Floatingcraft profestionals you can easily manage your profile, timeline, images activate deactivated acoount do many other aspects of facebook easily.